Patient-to-Patient Engagement

Understanding the patient journey and providing opportunities for patients to share their compelling experiences with others.

We have learned that the most important voice a patient can hear is a deeply empathetic one belonging to another patient who has experienced a similar life journey with a disease. Gaining an unbiased understanding of the scope of that journey becomes our starting point as it helps to illuminate communications gaps and opportunities. We connect our clients with patients who have compelling stories to tell and develop integrated programs to share these experiences in forums, including one-on-one conversations, presentations to small groups, interactive webinars, patient-facing blogs and stories in the media. We work with patients to help them find their voice and tell their story in a way that will inspire others as they navigate diagnosis and treatment. Lazar Partners also identifies and maps organizations that advocate for and educate patients and their caregivers, evaluating opportunities for our clients to collaborate with these groups as part of a comprehensive patient engagement strategy.