Investor Relations

Working with public and private healthcare companies to develop and implement value-added investor relations programs to create long-term shareholder value.

Without strong financial backing, even the most brilliant innovations in healthcare cannot succeed.

We recognize that each of our clients has unique IR needs and are committed to developing tailored strategies and programs that help every client achieve their critical objectives. Building from the ground up, we conduct extensive research on your company, products and technology, gaining critical insight into the financial community’s perceptions of your challenges and opportunities. Our findings form the foundation for shaping your investment messages, addressing misperceptions and positioning your organization to achieve valuations that accurately reflect your prospects. We provide comprehensive IR services, working directly alongside management to develop and implement their IR programs. Lazar Partners has demonstrated success in establishing and maintaining clear and effective communication with shareholders, potential shareholders, and analysts as well as other key financial stakeholders. This includes identifying potential new investor targets, fielding calls from retail investors, organizing deal and non-deal road shows and supporting our clients with all aspects of their quarterly and annual financial results reporting.